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It’s Hip To Be Square!

It’s Hip To Be Square!

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to advise that WA Seabird Rescue has accepted the groups offer as the beneficiary for our fund-raising project.

WA Seabird Rescue is a non-government funded organization that is run off their feet with call outs to rescue birds and wildlife from entanglements. I was shocked to learn recently that recreational fishing is significantly funded by the government but the people who rescue our wildlife largely due to fishing line entanglements and plastics receive none.

SUP Tonic is also dedicated to the wellbeing of our wildlife with regular river clean up events and seeing first hand, the harmful effects of litter in our waterways. We are very proud to support a like- minded organization and to do our part to protect our flora and fauna.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to the volunteers of WA Seabird rescue for all the hard work they do. Without you, our wildlife would not stand a chance – it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Below is a rehash of what we are aiming for and I hope you can get on board!



Be creative! Make fundraiser blankets as a group to support a worthy cause and have fun along the way!

This project gives people in the community an opportunity to participate in something ongoing, learn new skills, make new friends and work towards generating a sustainable charity activity. Crochet is now COOL! It’s become super trendy and not just for granny’s anymore.

You don’t need to know how to crochet – many of us don’t know how. We’re all here to learn, help each other and have a laugh. You can do it anywhere, anytime or arrange group sessions on those rainy days for some brain storming and girly catch ups!




There are two standard sizes for the fund raiser project. We have until 1st December before we can sell tickets which is plenty of time to stockpile items to showcase as we go along.

Work in pairs, go solo or as a group using donated yarn. Patterns and colours can be anything you decide.

Lap Blankets: Quantity 12. 90cm x 90cm (give or take)

Large Throws: Quantity 6. 170cm x 100 cm (give or take)

A permit from Liquor and Gaming has been submitted and a trust account will be set up for funds raised. Ticket selling is strictly between December and May 2022 to be drawn no later than 14 days after 31st May 2022. Sales at this stage is via raffle book (cash) – electronic sales TBA.  We’d love the group to sell tickets in the community to raise as much money as possible and we’ll provide more info on this later. We’re aiming to sell 1000 – 1500 tickets in a six month period leading up to winter – can we do it????



Everyone is welcome to make their own items other than the above to donate to whatever cause you wish. It may be aged care homes, homelessness, etc. If you are donating to a charity you are welcome to use the donated yarn – all we ask is that you disclose the charity group and post your donated work to the It’s Hip to Be Square page.

For personal items we’d love you to join us, share your knowledge and company and BYO yarn! I can only make a square and would love to learn how to make a row!!

We need yarn!! 8 ply mostly so if you can assist with this by reaching out to the community for donations we’d be very grateful.

On that note – if you have any questions fire away and a show of hands if you are excited to be part of the mission!!

Maree 😊


Let's go SUPing!