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The Silent SUP

The Silent SUP


As the new season approaches, we prepare to receive the energy of the sun.

For some of us this transition rushes towards us rather quickly and for others it’s been a long wait for that big warm hug from mother nature. Whether you’ve been busy, laying low or contemplating your future, taking a quiet moment before entering the next phase of activity could be just the thing you need to reset and recharge.

We’d love you to join us for series of “Silent SUP” sessions. We’ll escort you on your paddle board into one of Perth’s little gems then begin our paddle together in silence through the Kuljak Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Empty your mind, become one with the sounds and elements of nature, transcend into your own world.

Being silent can be challenging, we can all relate to the pressure of uncomfortable silences. This is your permission to be still, quiet and put trust in those around you.

These sessions are structured in 4 stages whereby our quiet time increases until we paddle the whole 5km distance in silence. On the 4th session we’ll include a bonus meditation on the water with Annmarie Pankhurst.

You’ll have peace of mind with qualified SUP guides ensuring your safety so you can fully enjoy your experience.

Duration of this paddle is approximately 90 minutes.


Silent SUP 1 – 19th September

Silent SUP 2 – 26th September

Silent SUP 3 – 10th October

Silent SUP 4 – 17th October


$120.00: 4 session package includes board hire

$45.00: single session includes board hire

SUP Tonic members rates

Paddling experience is essential for this event and is subject to rescheduling due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Wear comfortable layered clothing, bring water and hat.

7.30 am – 9.30 am (inclusive)

Fruit provided. Food Vans are located in the park for basic snacks and drinks after the session.


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