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Welcome to the wonderful world of SUP! (stand up paddle boarding)

The benefits of stand up paddle boarding for physical and mental health is now well recognised and I’m proud to acknowledge that SUP Tonic has been instrumental in creating an inclusive community that has opened doors and pathways for hundreds of people over the past few years. We’re leaders in thinking outside the box, bringing new ideas and creative ways to enjoy paddle boarding in a safe and fun way that almost anyone can do. We believe SUP is for everyone and the upper reaches of the Swan River Perth provide the best conditions to run our school, social sessions and community river clean up events. We’re building solid relationships with like minded businesses that uphold ethical values and environmental responsibilities. Community well-being and integrity are always at the forefront of our intentions.

The pros of SUP are endless and has changed people lives for many different reasons. It certainly changed mine and has become a way of life. If stand up paddle boarding is on your bucket list or you’ve been bitten by the SUP bug you may be considering what to do next!

Private coaching is one of the best ways to learn skills and techniques to paddle safely and efficiently. Whether you are a complete beginner or a recreational paddler, learning to stand up paddle properly from the beginning reduces the risk of injury, increases confidence and opens up experiences and opportunities for some great adventures.  Having exclusive time with your SUP coach allows you to learn more effectively at your own pace and builds a solid foundation to progress towards your goals. Everyone’s goals are different and a good coach/ mentor will support and encourage you to believe in yourself, empower you to contribute to your learning experience and provide structure to achieve short and long term goals. We’ll be right there by your side to celebrate your achievements and help you through down times too.

We aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your specific requirements and will customise a program to suit you depending on your level of fitness, skill and personal goals.

Several options are available.

10 Week 1:1 & 2:1 SUP Program

This program offers a comprehensive learning package suitable for complete beginners and recreational paddlers wanting to improve skills and fitness. You will begin to build a solid foundation from week one covering all areas of paddle boarding including safety, warm ups, equipment, weather conditions, paddle technique, SUP lingo and developing confidence so you are ready to paddle with confidence! Maybe you already have the basics covered and purchased your own board but need some extra help to work on technique, skills and fitness.  If this is your situation we can work with you to fine tune your skills!

In addition to the 10 week program we are offering 5 free SUP sessions so you can keep the momentum going while you are learning. This includes board hire and several of our other regular weekly sessions that will give you practice time in between your personal training sessions. Please note that your freebies must be used by the end of your 10 session program and cannot be accumulated.

All equipment is provided or you can use your own board.

Casual 1:1 SUP Session

This session is a great introduction to stand up paddle boarding. We can’t cover everything in one session but you can book in when time allows and we can work on specific areas as required.

Couples 2:1 Session

This session is a great introduction to stand up paddle boarding for you and a buddy. Whether you are husband and wife, mother, daughter, friends, sibling’s – two can be more fun than one!! Perhaps you’re looking for a perfect gift!

Our locations:

We can operate in several locations to be discussed with you upon booking.

Sandy Beach Reserve, Bassendean (end of West Rd)
Garvey Park, Ascot (end of Fauntleroy Ave)
Claughton Reserve, Bayswater, (end of Kataning St)


By appointment. Please contact Maree on  0499 973 995.



Casual Member 1:1 $115
Casual Member 2:1 $150
SUP Tonic Member 1:1 $70
SUP Tonic Member 2:1 $115

10 week package: Please call Maree 0499 973 995

What you should bring:

Change of clothes
Booties (optional)
Sunscreen & sun protective clothing, hat
If wearing sunglasses please wear cheap ones. If your Ray Bans fall into the river you wont get them back!

*This activity may be cancelled or rescheduled due to unsuitable weather conditions or unforeseen events. Refunds will not be given unless the session is cancelled by the organisers.


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