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“Be Active Avon Challenge” Practice Run

“Be Active Avon Challenge” Practice Run

Good afternoon Sup Rats

We have been invited by the AKC (Ascot Kayak Club) to participate in their practice run for the Avon Challenge. There is no cost to participate in the practice run this Sunday 23rd July however if you wish to enter into the “Be Active Avon Challenge” please refer to the link  for details.

This will be a great paddle guys and a good opportunity to check out the route etc if you decide to enter the Marathon. There is no pressure and all levels are welcome. The purpose of the morning is to become familiar with the check points and more importantly enjoy the scenery with great people especially if you haven’t ventured this far upstream before.

Details for Sunday’s Practice Run for ALL levels

Start point is Middle Swan Bridge at 9.00 am. Please arrive around 8.30 am so we can all start together which will be really cool.  The break-down of the paddle check points is noted below and the intention is to paddle the whole distance but going at your own pace. Race ahead for a personal challenge or hang back and enjoy – it’s up to you.

You will need to arrange to be dropped off at the start or picked up at the end and if you don’t want to paddle all the way to the 3rd leg you can end at Garvey Park, Ascot.

1st leg: Middle Swan Bridge to Barkers Bridge

2nd leg: Barkers Bridge to Garvey Park

3rd Leg: Garvey Park to Riverside Gardens, Bayswater (ANA Rowing Club)

Total Distance: 15km.

Car Shuffle Logistics

  • Arrange a buddy to car shuffle with
  • Meet at the finish point at 8.00 am (Riverside Gardens end on Milne Road Bayswater)
  • Have enough straps to tied down two boards on your roof rack
  • Make sure you have your car keys with you or in a lock box for the car at the finish point
  • Change of clothes, towel etc in the car at the finish point
  • Be organised and move swiftly so you are not late
  • Drive to start point at Middle Swan Bridge by 8.30 am ready for a 9.00 am start.

Please consider bringing the following

  • Plenty of water (camelback or similar),
  • Phone
  • Layered clothing rather than a wetsuit as you will get hot
  • Booties if it’s a really cold day
  • Snacks if you need to keep energy levels up
  • Watch or phone to time your paddle
  • Change of clothes

It’s late notice but hope to see you there. The more the merrier and it’s a great opportunity to have all types of paddle-craft together for an informal paddle.

Happy winter paddling!


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