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Winter Paddling – What to Wear?

Winter Paddling – What to Wear?

Winter is just around the corner and a lot of new paddlers will be entering into their first winter season of supping.  What to wear in winter is a question I get asked a lot and now is the time to think about getting a winter kit ready!

I paddle all year round and love the winter months the most!! Some of the most glamour paddles are in winter with less boat traffic, low wind and when the sun warms your back it’s simply divine! What’s not to love!!

The list below sounds like a lot but you don’t have to rush out and invest in everything all at once. Most of you will have some of these things already. The items below are some recommendations and a few essentials to acquire so you can paddle all year round and get mileage out of your sup addiction!

Neoprene Booties: I prefer booties that cover the ankles available from surf shops, online or camping stores. Your feet will suffer the cold the most so these are a must. Reef boots won’t do the job – make sure you invest in a good pair that will reduce chill, chat to the experts!

Thermal Dive Socks: I love these. They are light under the sole so your feet still feel grippy, wash well in the machine. Check out the dive shops or online. These are good for the not so chilly days!

Gloves: Cycling gloves will help to keep your hands warm, reduce callouses, and prevent slipping along the paddle if it rains. Light weight full thermal gloves from hiking/ camping shops for those extra cold mornings.

Tights: Quick dry full length tights. The same type that you would wear to the gym should be adequate.

Tops: It’s best to layer up. Believe it or not you will get warm and you may need to take something off. Long sleeve T-shirt/ thermal top or rashie and light weight waterproof or semi water proof wind jacket for wet days is best.

Wetsuit: I’m not a fan of wearing them for flat water paddling as they can get too hot and feel restrictive. If you really suffer the cold try to get a thin two piece suit (2mm) thick. As a two piece, you can remove the top and tie around your waist if you start to burn up.

Rain Pants and jacket: I have just purchased some of these for camping and heavy rainy days. They go over your normal paddling gear or even jeans and trackies. So when you’re trying get get your tent up (or down) these will keep you dry. I haven’t tested them out yet but the day is coming!

Poncho: Very handy and not too expensive.

Crocs: These are the BEST things to add to the list. I have the normal clogs, slides and now a pair of water proof ankle boots. The rain pants slide over these too so I’m gonna be totally dry when I putting my tent up!

Head: Beanies! I love them!! They’re cool and cosy!

Torch: Be safe. Invest in a head torch or a torch that suctions to your board for those late arvo, early evening – night paddles so others on the water can see you. Most good camping stores will have a few options.

Ugg Boots: I bought a cheap pair from a department store and keep them in the car. It’s divine to slip your feet into warm uggies after a SUP. Who doesn’t love em!

Change of gear: This is an obvious one but try not to forget to bring a change of clothes especially if you’ve planned to go for a pub feed by a cosy warm fire after your paddle. As hard as you may try to stay dry, most of us still get a wet bum getting on and off the board – and if you fall in – well that’s another level of discomfort!

Wet Clothes Bucket: These are so handy and they are cheap. Keep an empty plastic bucket in the car to throw your wet gear into. Try to get a used one so we don’t keep buying new plastic!!

Tip: Take a thermos full of warm water to pour over your feet after paddling, It’s the best thing ever! WARNING: DON’T USE HOT WATER. You could cause some serious pain pouring hot water onto cold feet.

If you’re looking for some winter SUP buddies join our facebook group and paddle out with some of the social crew.  We have some great winter sessions planned so keep posted for all the details and enjoy some of the most stunning conditions for supping!

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