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Roxy’s Journey

Roxy’s Journey

We are lucky to have such dedicated people caring for animals and sharing their journeys, trials and tribulations. This is Vet Nurse Bec and Roxy’s love story.

Roxy is an 11 year old Shihtzu cross. She’s a happy, cheeky girl who likes to greet anyone and everyone with a toy in her mouth and a wiggle of her bottom. She loves meeting new people and exploring new places. Roxy’s favourite things include her walkies along the beach, chicken, cheese and her toys. Most recently Roxy has taken to the water on a stand up paddle board and she loves it.

Roxy was born in Portsmouth, England and lived their for 4 years before I brought her back to Perth with me. She has been to Buckingham Palace, rode the London Underground and crossed the infamous Abbey Road Crossing. As I work as a vet nurse, Roxy comes into work and loves to greet all our Clients as well as checking on patients recovering from surgery.

Roxy was diagnosed with cancer in May 2015. She has since had 5 surgeries (her most recent in Feb 2018) where a total of 8 lumps were removed from her body. Four of these lumps were diagnosed as Mast Cell Tumors. Roxy undergoes 6 monthly ultrasounds and fortunately to date the cancer had not spread internally. The oncologist has advised that it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the cancers return :-(.  In addition to this Roxy has recently been diagnosed with an Osteochondroma in her spine at the base of her neck. This is a non malignant cancerous growth that is slowly crushing her discs and pressing on her spinal cord. Regular Acupuncture and canine rehabilitation sessions are helping to slow the progression of this disease.

Roxy is my world, she is such a loyal and caring dog and we have been through so much together in the past 11 years. Roxy and I are therefore living each day to the fullest as we never know when her cancer may return xx.

Written by Bec Banting.


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2 hours ago

SUP Tonic Australia

Happy Hump Day 😂 ...

Happy Hump Day 😂

3 days ago

SUP Tonic Australia

Happy Easter Sunday!!
What a fun morning we had - you guys are just GOLD!!

Thanks Tim Mulford for some great shots and to everyone who came to Sandy Beach this morning!

Feel free to tag and share your pics!

Enjoy the rest of the Easter break and stay safe

M :-)


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Absolutely loved it , as always so much fun with lovely people 🐰🐣

Looks like I missed an amazing morning.....happy Easter to you all!!

great day great event, thank you for organising this. Happy easter

What a fabulous Easter Sunday Maree Martin🐰🐰🐣

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