Claughton Reserve Bayswater

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Sup Launch Location:
Claughton Reserve:  Katanning Street, Bayswater, Perth, WA. Very easy access to the beach from your car.

Parallel parking along the road. There are no marked bays and parking is free.

Ablution Facilities:
Basic ablution block with a tap here suitable for drinking water

BBQ & Picnic Areas:
Several BBQ’s and picnic tables. The ground is quite sandy so a picnic rug would be handy.

Nil. The nearest café is the Ascot Riverside Kiosk at Garvey Park. This is a short 10 minute paddle across the other side of the river (around Ron Courtney Island).

Safety Notes/General Comments:
Be mindful of submerged tree branches and old jetty posts near the river’s edge. Random rocks are possible at the launch entry point. Some boat & ferry activity here and is a popular spot with kayakers.

Tie down straps could be useful to secure your board just in case you want to have a walk around. There are a few little jetties (some private) in various places along this river section (heading towards Guilford) but make sure you can get off your board and onto the jetty easily enough before attempting it.  Good spot to practice paddling.


Disclaimer :This information is provided as a guide only and may be subject to change due to environmental factors, local council regulations, local developments etc. Your safety is your responsibility and it is highly recommended that if you are not experienced you seek advice on how to paddle safely from a reputable SUP instructor and research your own information regarding safety on the water.



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